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These have been much needed since we moved.  Our current version was not número uno in my opinion.  They were old, tired and definitely not our style.

(Confession: I don’t have a picture of them in the front, but this at least gives you a visual.)

I had been looking for some options on Etsy, and was inspired by these.

We decided to make our own, and they only cost about $45 compared to $150+ on Etsy.

We bought a piece of scrap wood from Home Depot, stain (an orange tone to go with our orange brick), modern metal numbers, and wood screws.



We used the template provided with the numbers to lay out on the stained wood. Once the holes were drilled, we used a silicone caulk to keep the numbers in place.

Nick then fastened the entire thing to our porch pole.


Hopefully that awful storm door will soon be gone. And possibly the shutters.

Here’s where the original numbers ended up:

Demoted to the back.


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  1. Brie
    Sep 24, 2013 @ 11:27 am

    they look great! good job! i love a little DIY in the morning :-)


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