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Oh hey!

It’s been AWHILE, but I would like to get back to this blog.

We recently welcomed baby number two to our family, so things have been a bit of a blur around here.  Please say hello to Matthew, born December 1st.  He is a healthy, lovely boy!  Evan is a wonderful big brother, and we are so happy with with our new addition to our growing family.

We’ll get back to home stuff when we can.  For now, I can’t stop staring at this precious boy.


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So, the contractor said the bathroom would be done in a week but of course it’s been extended a few days.  This was mainly due to a few hiccups with materials (bad marble piece) and the last few tasks of texturing and painting.  Here are some updates in pictures:


We used a combination of tiles.  The Hex tile is from The Tile Shop, while the penny and cream tile is from Floor and Decor.  We also used marble from Floor and Decor for the threshold and the shelves.  The grout is a bone colored Epoxy, from Home Depot.  This stuff is not supposed to stain, turn or have to be treated.  Win win in my opinion.  We have decided on the paint for the walls, but have and it’s going to be  Gray Ghost from Olympic (it’s the darkest stripe from the hallway).  The vanity is still up for debate.  It’s either going to be a pale pale gray, or white.

Here’s the floor, marble threshold, and hex installed before grout.

Inside the shower we added a niche, backed in the same hex as the shower floor.  We also had him lay the tiles in a brick pattern.

Marble shelves!  We put in three for extra storage.  No more rusty wire shower caddies  for us.

Tiled shower ceiling, this was just drywall before.

More penny tile!  We did not want any wood trim in the bathroom, so we are totally loving the cove base tile trim and how the border turned out.  Please note the paint color behind where the toilet was, the ENTIRE house was that color.  YUCK.

No more hallway door.

Phew.  Honestly, the bathroom has been closer to done for well over a week now.  I’ve just been so sick that I didn’t have the energy to post about it, or finish the painting (thank goodness for antibiotics, I’m on the mend).  We have to repaint all the walls as well as the vanity.  Once the painting is done and the new accessories are hung, I will post some final reveal pictures!

On a side note, here’s what our living room has looked like during this process:

Nothing says class like a toilet in the living room.


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You may be asking yourself, “Who is this”?  ”Where has this blogger been?”  ”What the what?”

Well, let’s just say I’ve been a very bad blogger the past 6 months.  Where does all the time go?  Things are going well here at Casa Lang.  Evan is growing and growing, he’s almost 16 months!  Right now he really enjoys the song “clean up” (definitely takes after his Mom on this one), playing with Mega Blocs, throwing sports balls, and is obsessed with being outside.  He’s the sweetest little baby boy.  We are so lucky to have him in our lives.

His First Birthday party, December 8th 2013.

So, onto house news.  We have not used our master bath shower for upwards of 5 months.  I noticed a musty smell in November, and we learned that our shower pan was leaking.  Nick plugged the drain and filled the shower with water; and because our house is pier and beam, he was was able to look under the house where the shower is and saw that it was leaking even though the drain was plugged.  This means a faulty shower pan.  The interesting part is, this bathroom was “renovated” before we bought the house.  If you look closely, you see that the tile is horribly done, and you can tell it was a quick job.  So, we are not completely shocked this has happened.

View from the hall door

Icky grout, bad floor tiles (we recently learned these should be 2″ or smaller).

Mismatched tile alignment.

More mismatched tile alignment on the threshold.

Our dream was to completely gut this room, and start from scratch by adding a new shower layout, new smaller scale double vanities, and a tub. The reality is this was an unexpected job, and we aren’t in the financial position to completely renovate the bathroom.  Good news is, we are going to have the tile updated with the pan fix and then close off the door to the hallway.  The door was actually a tough decision; we’ve become accustomed to using this as an exit in the mornings.  We also will not have a true guest bath anymore, so the half bath off the kitchen will have to be the true guest bath (the other is a Jack and Jill).  These things didn’t fully sway our decision, the thought of having an actual private “master” bathroom is what won us over.  We’ll get used to walking a few extra feet to exit through the bedroom door each morning.

More on the new look soon.  Our contractor starts next week!


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This year has been eventful! New baby, new house, plenty of projects. I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving again.

This year, I’m most thankful for these boys.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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This is a story of too many bags. A diaper bag, a purse, three gym bags, and a daycare bag all fighting for the same space. Throw a yoga mat in, plus some dog leashes and you’ve got a big cluster on your hands.


We wanted an affordable option to create a space for these bags, and that’s where the Hyllis came in.  At a whopping $14, this shelf is amazing.

Check out some inspiration (found on Pinterest):

I love it’s industrial look, but more importantly it created a space for all those bags.

Hyllis, meet your new home.  And thank-you for being surprisingly easy to assemble.

Those bags never stood a chance.



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Oh Carly.

There’s something about 80′s music that makes me so happy. Was it the hair?  The happy movies?  I don’t know, but songs like this remind me of the  long rides to pre-school my brother and I had with our Mom. We lived in Georgetown, but went to school in Austin; and I remember leaving so early in the morning that it was still dark. That drive felt like an eternity back then, but I remember the trek with fond memories whenever I hear a great 80′s song. Carly Simon was among these early morning mixes. I can also remember my Mom and Aunt singing her tunes around the piano, while my Gramma played the notes. Double the fond memories.

Anyways, now that I’m a Mom I love singing to my sweet baby boy. I recently heard this version while visiting a friend (who also happens to love 80′s music), and I was hooked.

Sometimes those long car rides with my Mom and Brother feel like yesterday. Maybe Carly had it right when she sang “it’s coming around again”.

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Last weekend we made a trip to good ole’ Galveston, TX.  It was a fun trip; we rented a beach house with some of my college friends and their significant others.  We stayed in a community called Pointe West, and it was great.  The community had an awesome beach club complete with infinity pool and lazy river.  Our house was not directly on the beach, but it was just a short walk to the water.  It was pretty far from all the action in town, but if you aren’t interested in venturing out much this was a great place to stay.

Halloran House – Galveston, TX

The house had plenty of room for 9 adults and two babies.


Evan certainly had a relaxing time!



Hangin’ out with Dad.


Beach toys are tasty.


Future boyfriend/girlfriend?



We’ll leave it at friends for now.

It was a great weekend with great friends!  We hope this becomes an annual trip.

Happy Friday!

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Do you every have a piece that you don’t love but it’s sentimental?  This little ottoman is that for me.

I wanted to keep it, as it was my Grandmother’s, but am just not that crazy about the print.  It isn’t an expensive piece, or very fancy; but she used it in her retirement apartment and I always remember it from when I would go visit.   This is the reason I decided to recover it.

Nick and I decided to use it in the nursery, and it fit much nicer with the decor with the new cover.  I used Premier Prints Gotcha Twill Storm, purchased from a local store here in Dallas called City Craft.  (I talked about the nursery prints in our Nursery Reveal post.)

First I measured the circumference, and added 5/8″ for sewing seams.

Then, I measured out the skirt by making a strip of fabric with the appropriate length (don’t forget seam allowance and the hem) and width of the circumference. I hemmed this before attaching to the top.

I then just finished the seams on the serger, and fit over the ottoman.

As seen in the Nursery:

This little ottoman has gotten some use since Ev was born.

And it’s easy to wash, a mega bonus with babies.


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These have been much needed since we moved.  Our current version was not número uno in my opinion.  They were old, tired and definitely not our style.

(Confession: I don’t have a picture of them in the front, but this at least gives you a visual.)

I had been looking for some options on Etsy, and was inspired by these.

We decided to make our own, and they only cost about $45 compared to $150+ on Etsy.

We bought a piece of scrap wood from Home Depot, stain (an orange tone to go with our orange brick), modern metal numbers, and wood screws.



We used the template provided with the numbers to lay out on the stained wood. Once the holes were drilled, we used a silicone caulk to keep the numbers in place.

Nick then fastened the entire thing to our porch pole.


Hopefully that awful storm door will soon be gone. And possibly the shutters.

Here’s where the original numbers ended up:

Demoted to the back.


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Do you know what this is?

Meet My Brest Friend. Horrible name, awesome item.

So, hands down this has been the best baby item ever. A dear friend sent me this, and she raved about because it worked so well for her. It’s great for newborns, and I hate to admit that we are still using it at 9 months but we are. Evans little legs dangle off, but I don’t care and neither does he. It still provides support for this Momma’s back, and both Ev and I are a little attached to it. The pocket is awesome for to hold lanolin, or even a baby nail file. I never used it for water like pictured…that’s kind of weird in my opinion as it’s not attached to you for that long. I Just wanted to share the wealth on this item. Go get one if you plan on breastfeeding!

p.s. – I also have a Boppy that a friend handed down to us, and it has been very useful as well. I like that it doubles as a crutch for a sitting baby, and also a place where he is comfortable to lay and hold his own bottle. We keep this item in the den, and our “friend” in the master bedroom where baby eats in the morning (or any hour of the night).

p.p.s. – My goal is to breastfeed until age 1, and we still have three months to go. I don’t know how much longer this pillow will be functional, but I think we’ve used it past it’s expiration date. Best.gift.ever.